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 Planning to request?

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PostSubject: Planning to request?   Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:31 pm

Hey, you've decided to request something from our talented users!

...But how DO you request?

To make it easier for the creator to know what you want, it would be good to give them a size for your banner... nothing bigger than the header up at the top of the forum (800x300).

Also, what you would like written on the avatar/banner, if you want anything at all. If you want a specific color or font of the text, include that as well.

If you know a little about Gimp/Photoshop, you might want a specific brush used along with it (that's stuff like the swirly glitter to the right on the forum header... the wispy pink..... the white music note). Most brushes are downloaded from deviantart.com , so you might want to check there for stuff to go on your potential avatar/banner!

Also, you need to include the picture you actually want the banner to be made out of!! You can either attach it or link it using photobucket.com

So, for example, one request may look like this:

Hey, lilmissgigglesxx! Can you make me an avatar?

The pic is added with my message..

The size is already finished; all I want is some text. "Little Princess 09" (my username) will be good. Oh, and also, can you make it a little flowery? Thanks!!!!

A request like this is a little confusing:

Heya Monica. My pic is added.

Um. Let's see. Regular avatar size... "woo i rock" ..... and a little sparkles at the bottom. thanks!

If you still have questions PM me.

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Planning to request?
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