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 Contest Regulations

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PostSubject: Contest Regulations   Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:05 pm

All of these contests are meant to be fun.

There might be some that are a little competitive...
Okay, they all are a little competitive.

Please don't make some random contest like

"Best Computer!!"
Submit a picture of your computer or laptop and we'll rate it!!!!

We know some people don't have the best technology. You don't HAVE to enter in contests. But it would be more fair to other users if you made something like

"Best Poem"
Sumbit your poem either here or by PM and we'll post the winner, along with a complementary banner by User101!

(Complementary banners are just a suggestion. The complementary banners are when you have a banner with the winner's name on it and, perhaps, a crown or something, and then the contest they won, and the date of the contest)

How to start a contest? Ask for a format of the contest entries, for example:

Date of Entry:

Or something like that.

Good luck.[:
have funn.

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Contest Regulations
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