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nvr stp loling

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PostSubject: Best Avatar   Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:13 pm

Here, you can either just say that you want the avatar you currently have entered into the contest*, or post another one. Also, we'll neeed some judges to rate the other people's avatars. Here's how it goes.

Every time there are 5 avatars entered (they cannot be by the same person) the contest is closed, and the judges post their scores. If you entered something, you cannot judge your own work. You can judge everyone else's but your own.

5 avatars per contest.
They cannot be by the same person.
Minimum of two contestants per contest.

nvr stp loling
(post or PM to become one!)

There is no theme for the first contest.

* You may not change your avatar until after the poll is closed

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