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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Wed Nov 05, 2008 2:39 pm

Just a quick run-down on what the rules are and what happens when you..dont follow them ( :affraid: )
Personal Safety and Security
To respect the privacy of other users, please do not bug/nag them about where they live, who they are, etc. WE DO NOT TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR!!! If this kind of aggression is reported, you will automatically be deleted from our server.

Also, if you yourself post some information about yourself, we will have to delete it... just because there are creepers out there who would love to stalk people like us.

I'm not sure if there's anyone out there who likes reading spam, but it clogs a server up pretty bad. Please don't post stuff like "LOL" and then have a bajillion exclamation marks. Post something constructive, like "LOL THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!! Where did you get that joke from?" so that the discussion can continue.

Also, if you're commercializing stuff on the forum, it will be deleted. I know there's people that just register and then post some commercial for some random product and never come back online. Heck, if you're one of them, you're also gonna be deleted even if you never read this message.

Abuse and Reports
No type of abuse is allowed on this forum. We promote a healthy, caring, random-in-a-fun-way lifestyle. You will be deleted from the server if you begin abusing someone (this means offering to "cybersex", asking for telephone numbers, threats, etc.)

Reports are another thing. Please try not to curse on the forum. If you're going to curse in an RPG, that's fine, but try not to in your posts. I'm not sure who the youngest user is, but be considerate...

If you recieve 1 report you will be banned for a day.

One more report and that will be 2 days.

3 reports = 1 week

5+ = deletion of account/long-term ban.

Administrators and Moderators
Administrators have access to everything, which means I have to really get to know you before I can make you an admin. Of course there may be people I know personally and I make them admin, please do not take this personally. A few people I know from other forums ... etc. But if you do want to become an admin - AWESOME! Just PM me or another admin (pst - "another admins" - tell me about those users, or consult with me before turning them into admins too!) and we'll decide.

Moderators generally make sure that topics aren't getting, well, off-topic. They have the power to move, delete, edit topics in the forums they moderate.

Usergroups are controlled by admins and usergroup moderators. This is a way to, perhaps, join a "club" (for example, the "Rock Lovers Group" will be a usergroup of people who love rock music). If you want to make a usergroup, first contact an admin for approval, then we will make one for you. Then, we will appoint you as the usergroup moderator, since you made it. If usergroups get out of hand/no one joins after a 2-month time period, they will be deleted...

Private Messaging (PMing)
If you can't send a PM, you might not be logged in. Or, an administrator might have disabled you from sending private messages to other people for some reason or another (normally, we would inform you by email).

If you are recieving unwanted private messages, inform an admin or a moderator (whichever one is online when you are). Mods will drop us a PM and then we'll block them from PMing people for a certain time period and inform them that they were breaking rules. If they were abusing you using PMs, they will be banned/deleted from the server.

Eventually there will be a newsletter about what's happening on the site, sent to all users. Or, emails might be sent out to a specific usergroup instead.

Other than abusive PMing, you might recieve an email from someone on the forum that is threatening or otherwise abusive. Please, do not keep it to yourself and tell one of the admins. Email one of us with what you recieved, who the user is, and any other information we might need. This will help us a great deal in tracking down the user.

If you can't vote in a poll, you might not have certain access rights or you might not be a registered user. You can easily create a poll. Underneath the text box are two options - "Options" and "Add a Poll". You might need to click on the + at the far right to drop down the options. Then, create a poll question, and type in the options in the box underneath. Seperate each option with a line break by pressing return/enter on your keyboard. You can choose the time period of your polls in the small box underneath. By leaving it blank you are making it a poll that is accessible forever!

User Settings
You can change personal settings under the "Profile" link underneath the header at the top of the forum.

If you live in a different timezone (all times are EST) then you may change it to adapt to your own personal preference.

(Please ask admins/moderators about adding banners to your signature or avatars to your username)

There are no ranks on this forum, because sometimes people spam just to raise their rank... and we don't want to ban any users!

Most of this information was rephrased from the FAQ. If you still haven't found an answer after looking at this and the FAQ, PM or email one of the admins or mods!
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Forum Rules
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